Event Details


2016 Programming and Panel Descriptions


**2018 Details to Come**

Opening Session – The Experts Talk Books: Journey of a Book Group Book

(10:15 – 10:45am)

How important is the book club market to publishers? How do publishers, editors, agents, and other industry professionals define a book group book? What do you want to know about how a book group book is identified, marketed, and promoted? Join us for our conversation with the experts about the journey of a book group book.

Panel members: Wendy Sheanin, Wade Lucas, Debra Ollivier, Stephanie Danler

Moderator: Lisa Napoli


Panel #1 Discover History/Culture

(11:00am – 11:45pm)

Many authors bring their extensive knowledge about history and culture to their books. Learn more about how to explore those topics and what the authors hope you will take away.

Panel members: Paul Brinkley-Rogers, Jade Chang, Tilar Mazzeo

Discussion Leader: Rufi Thorpe


Panel #2 Discover the Author’s Perspective

(11:00am – 11:45)

Authors often bring their own unique experiences to their writings.  How do we talk about books when the author’s personal experience is introduced.

Panel members: Tracy Barone, Bryn Greenwood, Bernadette Murphy

Discussion Leader: Lisa Napoli


Lunch With an Author

12:00 – 12:40 (Lunch #1)
12:45 – 1:25 (Lunch #2)

Pick up a box lunch and find an author you would like to get to know better. Each author table seats 9.


Sales Reps Make the best Book Group Suggestions

12:00 – 12:40 (Lunch #2)
12:45 – 1:25 (Lunch #1)

Who is closest to the source of what the next big book will be? Who knows what book the industry is buzzing about? That would be the publishers’ sales representatives. We want you to meet them and find out about the latest books and what the industry is buzzing about!

Panel members: Rick Cobban, Amy Comito, Wade Lucas, Steven Atinsky, and Kelly Stidham


Discover a World Outside Ourselves 

(1:30pm – 2:15pm)

Authors can teach us about worlds outside our own personal experiences. Find ways to explore a world we are learning about for the first time.

Panel Members: Hollie Overton, Tilar Mazzeo and Debra Ollivier

Discussion Leader: Bryn Greenwood


Discover a More Robust Book Club

(1:30pm – 2:15pm)

How do we enrich our book club discussions?  There are many creative ways to make a book club meeting engaging and original.  Lets have some fun!

Panel Members: Kim Hooper, Tatjana Soli, and Michelle Gable

Discussion Leader: Stephanie Danler


Closing Session and Final Book Buying Opportunity

(2:30pm – 3:15pm)

Purchase a glass of wine and enjoy some snacks hosted by the Mission Viejo Friends of the Library. This is a great time to share and exchange books and thoughts about the day.

Thank you for attending BABS 2016!